Vicky loves Anthony

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Proud Canadian chicky.
Anthony is my forever; I love that man to bits.
I live to love, and only to love.
I love whatever's left of my family; they're my main concern and first to second priority.
My brother is the most influential person in my life.
I lose more than I gain, and I'm absolutely fine with that.
I'm the most understanding person in the world.
I enjoy all things astronomy & nature.
I take most things with a grain of salt.
I believe that in most cases love is nothing but suffering, but it's absolutely necessary.
I have horrible double standards.
I'm terrified of failure but lately I've just been going for it.
When drama and I come face to face, I prefer to fight it with intelligence.
I dislike most girls with a strong passion. I don't deal with cattiness and other petty behaviors.
And with that being said, if I don't like you, you better fix yourself.
I have a thing for pointing out contradictory ways.
I'm a hypochondriac; I care too much for my health.
I drink only flavored water and juice.
Tim Horton's > Starbucks.
I'm selfish when it comes to my own happiness.
Don't instigate and expect me to just take it.
I'm a Febreze junkie.
I look up to Blair Waldorf and Audrey Hepburn. Two of the most classiest people I know.
I love food, especially Burger King. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I wish to live in Dubai someday.
I'm a perfectionist.

This Tumblr is mostly for picture posting purposes, but I'll be broadcasting my feelings every now and then.